Improve User Verification and Fraud Prevention With Phone Number Intelligence

Phone number intelligence data is the essential information a telecom provider needs to effectively route calls or messages between networks and devices. It is a collection of granular, accurate and normalized data that includes carrier information, porting history, and more. It helps ensure the integrity of voice and messaging traffic to minimize interconnection-related revenue leakage, improve customer satisfaction and protect revenue.

Enhance User Verification Screening through Phone Number Intelligence

When a user registers for a new account on your service, it is critical to ensure they have the correct phone number. If the number is incorrect, this could prevent the company from delivering services to the user and create a poor customer experience. This will lead to churn and low conversion rates, which could result in losses.

IPQS offers a range of solutions that improve user verification and fraud prevention. This includes the industry’s leading number reputation verification, blacklists and fraud detection for risky users, fake accounts and suspicious payments with both positive and negative signals for comprehensive phone number fraud risk scoring.

Lookup any number for real time phone validation with international coverage to check the name, location and active status of a number. This allows companies to verify phone numbers and identify risky activity in their database for a better customer experience and less chance of fraud.

Use IPQS to enhance your team’s awareness of bots, fake accounts and suspicious payments with powerful phone number reputation – totaling to over 30 phone number risk signals for a more accurate view of user behavior. This provides a fast and reliable view of high risk behavior without the additional friction and false-positives that other vendors offer.

Reduce Fraud & Abuse by Preventing Number Porting

A common attack technique used by cybercriminals is to port a fraudulent phone number to receive SMS or Text-To-Speech One-Time Passwords for online account registration or two-factor authentication. These ported numbers can be used to access the online account of the real owner of the number, which leads to a significant loss of revenue and customer trust.

By using phone number intelligence data, telecom operators can easily prevent this exploitation by protecting their customer data and revenue from a successful breach. This data is an essential component to a secure communications ecosystem and is becoming increasingly important in the fight against cyberattacks.

The best phone number intelligence tools help businesses maintain a high quality database of contact information. This is vital to customer relations and loyalty. It ensures that businesses have the right people on hand to answer their questions and deliver a consistent level of service.

Phone number intelligence can be a huge benefit to businesses, especially in the financial industry. The information gathered from this data can help improve customer service and increase repurchases.

Reverse Phone Lookup Free is a free online platform that allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct background checks on any unknown phone number. This tool sifts through thousands of public records and databases in order to uncover information about the caller’s name, address, social profiles, criminal records, educational background and more. It also enables you to filter out any search results that are not relevant to your needs.