The Best Way to Deliver Media-Rich Lessons – and How to Do It Right

Shout media education is the edutainment industry’s latest buzzword. The hype is fueled by a plethora of free tools, such as podcasts, that allow anyone to be a teacher with minimal time, effort and expense. The problem is that most teachers aren’t trained to deliver these types of media-rich lessons.

Educators, who are oftentimes on the frontlines of school reform, need to know how to use their new found tools in order to maximize their positive impact on student learning. Using technology to deliver engaging and interactive lessons is the simplest and most effective way to accomplish this.

The Best Way to Deliver Media-rich Lessons – and How to Do It Right

The most common mistake educators make is not delivering media in the form of content that is relevant, timely and accurate. The resulting student disengagement can be devastating to learning.

A savvy school district knows that students need media-rich instruction to be successful in college and in life, so it takes a strategic approach to ensure the delivery of a high-quality and relevant learning experience. This right here approach involves a blend of instructional techniques that includes a mix of face to face and online instruction, and it is often referred to as blended learning.

While the best method to deliver such content is a balancing act, one that involves careful planning and execution is most likely to succeed. The key to a successful digital media strategy is to provide teachers with resources that are well-researched, well-vetted and aligned with state standards, while also ensuring a positive impact on student learning and engagement. The resulting outcomes can be measured in terms of increased test scores and more engaged learners.