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Spinal cord injuries affect people of all ages and are often the result of traumas such as motor vehicle accidents, severe falls or violent acts. The damage to the spinal cord can cause past and future medical care costs, rehabilitation expenses, living accommodations, and other ongoing needs. When a person and their family are dealing with the effects of paralysis, financial concerns can become overwhelming. A Seattle Lawyer experienced in paralysis cases in Seattle can help victims and their loved ones get the compensation they need to ease those worries.

Experiencing any type of injury can be stressful, but when an injured victim is suffering from life-changing conditions like paralysis, those stresses can escalate quickly. Depending on the severity of the injury, victims and their families must cope with expensive medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, living arrangements and other ongoing costs. If those expenses were incurred due to someone else’s negligence, those victims may be entitled to significant financial compensation from the at-fault parties.

At Nelson Langer Engle, PLLC, our legal team is available to assist clients in the Seattle area and surrounding areas with personal injury claims including car crashes and collisions, traumatic brain injuries, and medical malpractice. Our firm has represented the victims of these types of incidents for over 12 years, helping them secure maximum settlements for their damages and recovery.

Our lawyers focus on gathering evidence, negotiating with companies and carriers, and determining insurance options for our clients. Our clients include people who have been hurt in motorcycle, bicycle, bus and truck crashes, as well as those who were the victims of a medical error or suffered from an accident at work. We also advocate for those who were killed due to the negligent actions of another party.

A person may suffer from paralysis after a spinal cord injury caused by a wide variety of accidents. Motor vehicle accidents can crush or fracture the spine, or whiplash can tear ligaments that hold nerves responsible for movement and sensation. Workplace accidents can cause spinal cord injuries, as can recreational activities such as sports that involve high-impact falls or swimming in shallow water. Medical errors such as surgical mistakes and anesthesia mistakes can also lead to paralysis.

The severity of the injury and type of paralysis determines the level of compensation a victim receives in a lawsuit. Those who are awarded a settlement or verdict will have their medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and other related damages paid by those held liable for the accident. In addition, a person who is paralyzed in a civil case can seek punitive damages to punish the defendant for their actions. Our attorneys investigate how the accident happened to identify who is at fault for causing the injuries, and make sure those individuals are held fully accountable for all the victim’s losses. This ensures that victims can focus on recovering rather than stressing over their finances. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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