What You Should Know About Pest Control Services

When pests infest homes and businesses, they can contaminate food, cause damage to property, increase asthma and allergies, and spread disease. Getting rid of them requires knowledge of the pests, skills in the use of appropriate equipment and materials, and a commitment to prevent their return. It is also important to remember that pest control is a shared responsibility, and building owners, tenants, and maintenance workers all have roles to play.

There are many types of pests, and each requires a different approach. A good pest control company will have a range of methods that they can use to address a specific problem, and they will have the expertise to apply the most effective treatment for each situation. A good company will also offer a service guarantee, and be willing to come back at no additional cost until the pests have been completely eliminated.

Pest control companies can help prevent infestations by offering advice on how to keep pests out of the house in the first place. This may include removing sources of food and water, storing garbage in tightly sealed containers, fixing leaky plumbing, or keeping areas around the house clear of clutter.

If pests do appear, Pest Control Services can help by removing the pests and their nests, and treating the areas where they live with insecticides and rodenticides. They will usually also treat the surrounding area to build up a barrier against pests, and may use baits or crack and crevice treatments where appropriate.

Some pests, such as cockroaches and ants, are extremely persistent and difficult to get rid of, and may require repeated treatments by professional exterminators. These companies will often offer a year-round service, with a tailored indoor and outdoor plan for each season, to ensure that pests don’t return.

When hiring a pest control service, be sure to check that the company is licensed and insured. Ask the company to provide copies of the pesticide labels for any products that are used, and to explain how these chemicals are used safely. You should also write down the name and EPA registration number of any chemical that is applied to your home, so you can look up its safety information if needed. Always follow the instructions on the pesticide label, and be sure to dispose of any leftover pesticides properly. In addition, only hire a pest control company that uses environmentally-friendly methods. These are generally safer for people and pets, and are just as effective at preventing pests from returning. A good pest control company will be able to demonstrate that they use these methods wherever possible, and will only apply pesticides when other means are ineffective. They will also encourage clients to take steps to avoid re-infestation, such as removing food scraps from outdoors, keeping garbage cans covered, and reporting any maintenance issues promptly.