02 Feb

Features To Look For When Buying A Folding Bike


Over the past decade, cycling as a means of transport has continued to gain popularity. Some of the reasons attributable to this growing trend are looking for every means to get fit, save money and at the same time have fun. However, traditional bicycles are continually being replaced by folding bikes due to problems related to portability such as security issues, limited access, and storage issues. With this in mind, here are some factors to consider before buying a folding bike from FBZ.

Purpose of the bike

The purpose of the bike overrides all other factors to be aScASadxcaconsidered before making a purchase. Some of the uses of these bikes are for public transport, for recreational purposes just to mention a few. As such, deciding on the purpose of the bike before making a purchase is key. This will inform on the size to be bought and all other quality features.

Wheel size

Different folding bikes have different wheel sizes, and this has a notable effect on the bikes performance. Folding bikes with larger wheels fold slowly, compress a little but the offer a softer ride while bikes with smaller wheels have a harder ride and a lighter steering. As such, considering the size of the wheel will be of great help.

Folding method

The standard methods of folding bikes are; break away, triangle hinge and half fold. To make an informed decision, it is good to go through several kinds of literature relating to this. That way you will get to know the advantages and disadvantage that these folding types have before making a purchase.

Frame size

aSDcaSdcAAs much as folding bikes come in one size, it is imperative to consider buying a folding bike that will guarantee you comfort as you ride it. Having said that, to ensure efficiency, it is good to check if the handlebars and seat of the bike can be adjusted. The latter should be easily adjusted to fit your comfort and safety.


For people who prefer folding bikes with small wheels, this can be a problem as these tires vibrate more while riding as compared to the larger wheels. However, to combat this issue, lower wheel pressure were introduced. Unfortunately, they made the tires to roll slowly thereby draining one’s energy even more. Luckily, Suspension as a feature in folding bikes was later invented. This feature has and advantage of counteracting the toughness during riding thereby making riding less energy sapping.