Ensuring Child Safety The Best Car Seats Available in Sri Lanka

Car Seat Sri Lanka:

It’s a very popular destination for families and kids, thanks to the beaches, wildlife and food. There’s also a lot of history to discover, from ancient civilisations to colonization and recent war.

There are a range of child-friendly accommodation types, from large hotels to smaller boutique-style places. Most are able to provide a cot or crib for infants and toddlers, and can store any other equipment you may need. The rooms tend to be quite spacious and well-equipped with modern facilities.

However, it’s worth checking with the hotel directly before booking to confirm that they can accommodate your child. Some of the older properties have more limited facilities and may not be able to help you with your travel needs, especially if they have older rooms that don’t have elevators or air-conditioning.

It’s best to book an air-conditioned room if you have a toddler or baby. The climate is extremely hot and humid, so you’ll be grateful for a little bit of extra comfort. Plus, the ac will help to keep the room cooler and your toddler more comfortable at night when they’re trying to sleep.

Most larger supermarkets in Colombo and the main towns sell nappies, wipes, long-life milk and imported baby foods. However, in the smaller villages it might be harder to find these items so it’s good to bring a big supply with you or at least have some in your hand luggage for emergencies. Nappy sizes can be quite small in car seat Sri Lanka too so it’s worth bringing a size up if possible.

A hat is also essential, especially for babies and toddlers. Young skin is far more sensitive to the sun than adults and can burn very quickly. A wide brim hat with a tie under the neck is the best option as it won’t be pulled off easily.

Sun cream is another important item to pack for your trip. The sun can be intense in Sri Lanka and even short periods of exposure can cause burns if you’re not careful. So, it’s best to apply frequently throughout the day and reapply as needed.

Mosquito repellent is also a must-pack, particularly in the rainforests. Although Sri Lanka is not a Malaria area, mosquitos are still present in many of the country’s tropical climates.

If you haven’t already, check with your GP or NHS website to ensure that all your family’s vaccinations are up to date. As with all overseas travel, it’s always wise to be prepared for any potential illnesses and injuries, so having the right travel insurance in place is a must. The right cover will give you peace of mind to explore this beautiful country with your family, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected should something go wrong. Our policies include global medical assistance, repatriation and return home as standard. We can add additional covers for terrorism, natural disasters and personal accident. You can learn more about our policies and get a quote on our website.