09 Mar

Top 6 Benefits of Barkbox To Your Dog

Barkbox is a subscription service that delivers monthly dog treats. From innovative toys to flavored chews and delicious food treats, the monthly delivery is always an eagerly awaited event. But it is the element of surprise that keeps the dog and the owner so addicted to Barkbox; you can never know what to expect. Here are the top benefits of Barkbox to your dog.

Delicious treats

Show me a dog that does not enjoy a good treat, and I will show you a beautiful warthog! Whether it is a Catfish Po’ Boy package, duck strips or dried turkey liver, your tail wager will be jumping with joy. Each delivery comes with two natural treats which are corn, soy, and wheat free. The goal is to provide a delicious and healthy snack while avoiding common ingredients which most dogs are allergic to. Pups which are allergic to turkey, chicken, and beef can get a special allergy-friendly Barkbox at no extra cost.

Innovative toys

Dogs love to play around with things. For some dogs, a bouncy tennis ball will keep them engaged the whole day for others a brightly colored chewy toy will keep them intrigued for long enough. The truth is that it is not easy to determine the best toy for your dog. It is demoralizing, to say the least, to buy toys worth $50 only for your dog to look at them and then lose interest immediately. Barkbox tests toys with their in-house pups to separate the exciting ones from the drab making sure you only receive the inspiring ones. Whether it is a squeaky school bus or a chewy guitar, your dog will be swept off his feet

Pleasant surprise

We all love surprises and dogs are not an exception. Barkbox emails every month and no month is exactly like the other. If there was dog shampoo this month and a pig ear chew, you might be getting an interesting dog gadget, and beef flavored dog chew next month. You and your dog will look forward to the red letter day every month and will be pleasantly surprised every time at the special moment of opening the box.

An item can be replaced

Sometimes a dog might just not like something. Dogs have preferences too! So what happens when an item from the magic box turns out to be not as exciting? Barkbox offers one replacement per box without fuss or extra charges. Now you can get that tail wagging again.


Every subscription month entitles you to about five items for your dog. These include two treats, two toys, and chew. Every box that comes is different, and there won’t be another like it. Variety makes things interesting for your dog and especially when it comes to toys. If he or she or she gets bored, there will always be another one.

Good value for money

Barkbox offers a monthly subscription of as low as $21 if you commit yourself for a whole year. To make the deal sweeter, you won’t be charged for shipping except for Alaska and Hawaii. If you were to buy the contents of a random monthly Barkbox delivery separately, they would could as much as $31. If you do the math, you will realize that Barkbox offers value for money. Check out barkbox coupon 2017 for real enjoyable discounts and improved experience with your dog.