19 Mar

Considerations When Hiring A Photo Booth


With the so many options to choose from it might get confusing when making a decision. Because they are so many photo booth styles and sizes selecting the one that will work for you might not be easy as it seems. Nowadays anyone can afford a photo booth they are not as expensive as they were back in the days, but what can be frustrating is choosing the right one. Visit www.captiv8photoboothhire.com.au for more information on the photo booths.

But if you have the best tips to follow when hiring a photo booth then it won’t be that hard for you. To ensure that you get the best experience with the photo booth then you should follow the below tips.


Do research

gffgfgffggfgfgfgfThe only way for you to get the best is if you have an idea of what you are looking for and want. They are so many photo booths to choose from, and they are all different from the style to the size. You have to look for something that will match your decoration perfectly and not look out of place.

Number of people

The number of individuals a photo booth can hold is an important factor to consider. Especially if you hiring a closed photo booth, then the size of the photo booth will matter. They are two types of photo booth the closed and open, and for an occasion like the wedding, the open photo booth is the perfect one to hire because the guest can take photos of 10-15 people. For the closed photo booth, they are useful for the birthday parties because you don’t have so many guests.

Allocate a location

Before going ahead and hiring the photo booth firstly consider the location that you are going to place the photo booth. The location should be a place that won’t inconvenience anyone in the party. Also, the location should be enough for the photo booth to fit perfectly. The photo booth will be a place that so many people will be entering, so it’s wise that it’s placed somewhere not close to the event but also a place that is easily visible.

Book in advance

Before the big day make sure that you have already booked the photo booth. There is no need of rushing only to end up with something that you don’t like and maybe not finding the right photo booth. Booking in advance will mean that you will have checked on all the factors.

Choose a local photo booth

gfgfgfgfgfgfbbjjkkpChoosing a local photo booth is so important because you will not have to worry about getting the photo booth on time. Also, you will be able to ask around if the company has good services because if it’s local it apparent that people around you have used the photo booth and had an experience.


04 Feb

How To Save Money When Repaying Student Loans

Student loans take a big chunk out of the monthly budget of many people. It is important to know how to save money when repaying student loans. Read an article by Emma Drew on how to pay student loans faster. Paying the loan faster will help you to save money for other things, like vacations or a new electronic.

Save money when paying student loans

Refinance The Student Loans

Loan refinancing can save a lot of money in interest rates, plus refinancing often consolidates the loans for easier repayment in one monthly bill. This will allow you to save the extra money at the end of the month that didn’t go to student loans. Plus with the lower interest rates, more money will be saved long term.


401K Payments

Only pay up to what the employer matches, as that guarantees 100% growth. This helps maximize the savings potential while allowing one to use any extra money to pay down student loan debt or put into a savings account for a big purchase or event. If one normally puts in $4,000 and the employer only matches to $2,000, that’s 2,000 dollars of non-guaranteed money, that would be better served in a bank account earning interest.

Pay Over The Minimum

Paying more than the minimum will allows the loan to be paid off faster. And paying them off faster means more money in the pocket in the long term. Then that money can be put aside for other things, like a new house or car. Every little bit over the minimum counts, so only add what is possible.


Automatic Deductions

The bank can set up an automatic deduction that goes directly into the savings account. This can be a percentage or a set dollar amount, then have the bank set it up, so one doesn’t have to deal with the hassle and possibility of not doing it. One way to do this is to figure out how much the goal is going to cost and figure out how much to deduct per month. This way no thinking is involved, and there is no reason to procrastinate.

The money in the savings account will also accrue interest, making, even more, savings in the account. There are many ways to save when paying off student loans debt, such as cutting back on expenses, purchasing less stuff and much more. Saving money is a long-term investment, as it needs time to build up. Focus on growth and invest money wisely.

29 Jan

Tips on buying gifts for women


Women love gifts, and this means that it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to buy a gift. However, if you forget to buy a gift for a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday or mother’s day, then you will be in trouble. Many people argue that buying a gift for women is difficult. It doesn’t have to be difficult if you know how the person well. If you are looking for gift ideas for her then you should consider these tips to give you a rough idea.

Buying gifts for women

Take the hints

Women may not directly say what they want for their special day, but they will give you a hint in one way or another. All you have to do is concentrate and be keen. If you are walking down the street and they mention that they love a particular dress, then surprise them by buying it for the special day. Women will also give hints on what they want as a gift, and they expect you to follow the hint and make their dreams come true.


Make the gift personal

This is the mistake that many people make when buying gifts. A woman wants to feel that the gift that you have bought for them is particular for them and not for anyone else. For instance, if you buy a juice blender or a microwave as a gift, then you are making a mistake. These are household gifts that will be used by every member of the family, and this means that such gifts do not feel personal to them.

Don’t buy a funny gift

You can buy a funny gift for a man to make fun of them but this is different when it comes to women. Women don’t want you to make fun of them when buying a gift. This is because women treasure their gifts and they want something that is thoughtful and personal and not something funny.


It doesn’t have to be expensive

Women do not necessarily want expensive gifts. They want gifts that are thoughtful and personal. You can spend a lot of money buying a gift that won’t mean anything if you consider spending the highest amount of money.